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Why Shop For Clothes Made With Organic Materials Over Traditional Materials

Posted on June 12 2019

Why Shop For Clothes Made With Organic Materials Over Traditional Materials

With a production rate of over twenty-five million tons annually, cotton happens to be one of the top four genetically modified (GMO) crops in the world. Cotton has been dubbed by some as the "dirtiest crop." In addition to that, over 95% of global cotton production is conventionally or genetically grown. While you may be wondering, cotton earned the nickname "dirtiest crop" because it happens to be one of the very few crops that is sprayed with some of the dirtiest and worst pesticides, Bayer's aldicarb which was initially banned in the US is one of the many pesticides used.

Statistics went further to reveal that cotton alone accounts for over 25% of the global insecticide use. Additionally, cotton accounts for another 10% of the global pesticide use. In 2003 alone, it was discovered that over fifty-five (55) million pounds of pesticides were sprayed over 12.8 million cotton acres. These chemicals are referred to as the most dangerous and toxic chemicals in the world and have been identified as the cause of a number of immune and reproductive diseases.

Aside from pesticides, there are other toxic chemicals that are used in the production of conventional cotton. These toxic chemicals are capable of polluting waterways at the same time, causing great harm to farmers. Additionally, these toxic chemicals are capable of contaminating consumer products as well. Surprisingly, genetically grown cotton is not just used to make outdoor clothing; it is used to make towels, beddings, as well as other textile products. Unknown to most people, cotton waste and cottonseed oil find their way into over a hundred processed foods.

Wearing GMO cotton does not just pose a threat to farmers and consumers; it poses a great risk to the survival of our planet and the environment at large. Instead of settling for outdoor clothing made with GMO or traditional cotton, organic cotton and other alternatives should be your ideal solution.

Why Shop For Organic Clothing

There are actually a number of reasons why you should shop for clothes made with organic materials instead of settling for those made with traditional cotton. These reasons include but are definitely not limited to;

  1. Organic cotton helps protect oceans from pollution;

Generally, conventional cotton used in the production of a number of outdoor clothing, gear, and other products are usually combined with a couple of synthetic fabrics like; polyester, fleece, and acrylic. A number of studies have revealed that during the washing period, these synthetic fabrics combined to make these clothes and gears are then released to our waterways, which happens to be in the form of microfiber.

According to the report released by the IUCNNR (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources), each year, an estimated 1.7 million microfibers find their way into our oceans. These microfibers threaten a majority of the coral reef ecosystem as well as the marine species.

Opting for organic clothing is the ideal way to save the lives of these beautiful and rare creatures that are on the brink of extinction.

  1. Organic clothing is safe for everyone!

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown in a safe method and processed without any of the toxic chemicals or dyes used in the making of conventional cotton.

Currently, the use of toxic chemicals and dyes in the production of traditional cotton clothing has gathered a number of negative effects which has found its way to the top and bottom of the supply chain. Most of the pesticides and chemicals used in the production can be currently found in finished products, and there's every chance they are having a negative effect on the lives of all at home - parents, kids, and even pets. An article written by Rodale Wellness reveals that there are a number of studies that link plastic usage and agricultural pesticide as the number one potential trigger of obesity, food allergies, and Alzheimer's disease.

  1. Protection of our cotton farmers

As mentioned earlier, traditional cotton is combined with a number of toxic chemicals that are capable of causing serious damage to the immune and reproductive systems of farmers. With organic cotton and clothing, farmers and their loved ones are not exposed to these harmful chemicals to such extent. In addition, farmers can grow food crops on their land when they adopt the organic cotton method.

To help protect the livelihood and wellbeing of our cotton farmers, shopping for organic outdoor clothing can be the right idea.

  1. Organic cotton is environmentally friendly

Generally, organic cotton makes use of lower carbon, and this can be linked to less energy and fuel consumption. Organic cotton prevents water contamination, and this is simply because it is produced without the help of chemicals.

Unknown to some, the use of pesticides and insecticides is currently one of the causes of the irreparable damage our environment is experiencing. There is actually no better way to protect our environment than to opt for organic cotton clothing. Doing this is proof that you are contributing your quota to the preservation of the environment and our planet at large.

Where to Shop for Organic Clothing:

While some companies are seeking to establish environmentally friendly practices within their organizations, Powder & Pine Outdoor Company has engrained their sustainability objectives into the core of their mission. Being an environmentally conscious company, Powder & Pine Outdoor is dedicated to offering you and your loved ones amazing products that are made with organic, recycled, or sustainable materials.

The keen desire to do their part in helping save the planet is why Pine & Powder Outdoor is donating 1% of its total revenue to non-profit organizations that are fighting tirelessly to protect the environment. Powder & Pine Outdoor currently make use of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and recycled polyester (RPET) in the production of top quality and appealing outdoor items, clothing and gear. Not only are the products offered by Powder & Pine made from organic or recycled materials, their shipping materials are as well. Powder & Pine is proud to say they only ship their products using recycled or recyclable materials.



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